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    FEIHE Attending T Stage Show of China Rubber Industry Annual Meeting

    In this March, China Rubber Industry Annual Meeting was held in Qingdao City. At the evening party on 26th, the Rubber Boot Branch of China Rubber Industry Association organized member enterprises ...

    FEIHE Rubber Boots and Feihe Milk Powder

    Please don't confuse FEIHE rubber boots with Feihe Milk Powder.

    Common sense of safety helmet

    Usage details 1.The structure of helmets and accessories must be complete, if there are any defects, were unqualified helmet.2. The requirement and notes of wearing safety helmet.3. Correct method...

    Feihe insulating boots is your best choice

    When we mention the insulating boots, most of us will have many doubts, like the style, the material, the difference between insulating boots and normal shoes and also the authenticity of insulatin...

    National standards of safety helmet: All for the sake of safety, starting from the "head"

    Implementation standards Mining safety cap :1. The cap must be used within the period of validity and in good condition which must be fastened.2. Lamp must be in good condition.3. Workers must use ...

    National standards for safety shoes: Safety shoes are for "foot" and for your safety!!!

    Safety shoes, as the name implies, are to protect our foot for safety, because they can eliminate or reduce the harms to the feet and legs.

    "Too beautiful to look like capability style " --Feihe labor shoes

    This is intuitive impression Feihe labor shoes give our customers. As we all know, labor shoes are widely used in construction, steel mills, power plants and so on.

    When choose a raincoat and rain boots, rubber products are good choices.

    According to Chinese news reports on CCTV4: Quality supervision in Taiwan recently checked the children raincoats and rain boots in the mall and found that plasticizer of most raincoats and rain bo...