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    points for attention of insulated safety shoes

    Workers should wear insulated safety shoes when they work in charged workplaces. At the same time, workers must konw how to properly use insulated safety shoes, which will help them make good use o...

    What should you pay attention to when you use labor safety shoes?

    Recognize all the dangerous factors of every workplace and provide correct types of personal labor safety shoes.

    How to choose proper safety shoes and how to maintain your safety shoes?

    The following tips should be noted: 1.Please don't change the structure of the safety shoes by your own.

    “Protective sense of mine safety helmet” how to wear safety helmet

    Safety helmet:1 Definition: the helmet that protect head against damage from external force, which comprised by cap casing, cap lining and other parts 2 : Cap casing: The cap casing include visor,...

    The material of safety helmet

    There are variety of safety helmets, the common materials are :ABS, HDPE, PC, FRP etc. In addition, the main materials of hat band are : LDPE, PA, etc.

    The correct way to using mine safety helmet and notices

    The mine safety helmet should be used during its useful life and it must conform to rules, if they are used in wrong way, it will not play the protective role.

    Using notice of safety shoes

    Safety shoes, just as its name implies is to protect feet. It refers to the safety footwear and the protective footwear.

    The classification of labor protective products

    The function of labor protective product is to protect workers from injury, which can be divided into two kinds: Special labor protective products and general protective products.

    " Which brand labor insurance shoes is good?" Feihe teaches you some tips

    Which brand is good that becomes a hot topic of a large number of users. Now we tell you one tip to choose high-quality labor insurance shoes.

    what identity do the colors of safety helmet represent ?

    The construction industry:Leadership - wine red Technicians - red Safety supervision persons - white Supervision or electrician - blue Other construction persons - yellow

    What are the national standards for labor insurance shoes?

    There are various kinds of labor insurance shoes.